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About Us

Drift To Clay was formed by Barry and Linda Lane, friends back in the early 80s in upstate New York. Linda moved to southern California and perfected her craft, inspired by the water and sand of the Pacific Ocean. Barry traveled the country working as a chef, and ended up back in New York where he ran a restaurant on Cayuga Lake. In 2012, reunited after many years, Barry and Linda not only married each other, but brought their separate hobbies together to form a family business. With their five children joining them in their work, unmatched creativity flows from their hands, forming what is now known today as Drift To Clay. Drift To Clay offers a variety of both driftwood and pottery, with multiple firing process, such as Raku, low fire, and high fire. All are uniquely beautiful, especially when combined with both practical and decorative driftwood pulled out of the Adirondack and Finger Lakes of New York.

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